.: Car Theft Alert
.: Insurers: World class or third     class?


1. Keys in the ignition! Reminder: Never, never, never leave your     keys in the car even for a second, even while running a quick errand     at the groceries stores, at the ATM, or to pay your gas at the gas     station or to pick up your kids across the road.

2. Vehicles stolen were left unlocked. Reminder: Always LOCK     your car! Make sure all favourite means of entry are shut tight.

3. Vehicle towed away. Tip: Park with your wheels turned towards     the curb or turned to the side in driveway and parking lots. This          makes it difficult for thieves to tow your car away.

4. Did not activate the Security Alarm. Reminder: Use it! The siren,     horn or lights will frighten the thief away.

5. Did not have any anti-theft device. Reminder: Install an     immobilizer! Small investment upfront will pay for your major     inconvenience.

6. Etching of vehicle number on the windows and major     parts. Tip: This is a cheap preventive measure! By marking your     vehicle, you assist the police to identify your car later.

7. Car hijack at the traffic lights. Reminder: When driving your car,     always keep your doors locked and windows rolled up. Stay alert!

8. Car stolen from a remote and quiet road or parking lots.     Reminder:Park in well-lit areas with good pedestrian traffic.

Don't be a Target for Car Thieves!
.: Coins, sunglasses, brief cases, gym bags, keys and parking tickets   attract thieves to your car
.: Place your valuables in the trunk before you get to the location
.: Lock your car doors and windows

Anti-Theft Drive
.: Don't be the Victim
.: Reduce your Risk
.: Park Carefully
.: Observe personal safety for YOU and YOUR FAMILY
.: Call the Police and Report your car stolen within 24 hours
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