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Insurance for Commercial Properties or Businesses

- Offices, Shops, Showrooms, Stores/Warehouses,   Factories, Restaurants, etc

Fire & Perils Insurance
- Buildings, Renovation, Furniture, Fixtures & Fittings
- Stocks/Merchandise in Trade, Goods held in trust or   custody
- Plant, Machinery & Equipment, Tools & Utensils, Office   Equipment
- Removal of Debris
- Professional Fees
- Loss of Rental
- Loss of Profits / Increase in Cost of Working

Burglary/Robbery/Money Insurance
- Stocks in Trade, Goods held in trust or custody
- Plant, Machinery & Equipment, etc
- Monies (Whilst in Transit, In Premises, In Locked Safe/Drawers)

All Risks Insurance (Fire, Theft & Accidental Damage)
- Immobile Machinery & Equipment in Office, Shop or Factory
- Office Equipment, Computers, etc
- Mobile Construction Equipment e.g. cranes, excavators, dump trucks

Plate Glass Insurance
- Showcases, display windows, glass panels, doors, etc

Marine Insurance
- Marine Cargo: Import/Export or local distribution of Goods by sea, air,   road or rail, parcel post and courier service
- Marine Hull: Cargo vessels, barges, tug boats, pleasure crafts

Public Liability Insurance
- Damages or Injuries to Third Parties arising out of Insured's   negligence, including legal costs incurred.

Employers Liability Insurance
- Damages or Injuries to Employees arising out of Employer's   negligence, including legal costs incurred (under Common Law and for   non-SOCSO members only)

Workmen's Compensation Insurance
- Required to be taken up by all foreign workers against death or   injuries suffered in the course of employment

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance
- Indemnify Insured for loss of money or goods as a result of fraud or   dishonest acts committed by any of his employees in the course of   their duties

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