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Insurance for Professionals, Company Directors & Officers

- Professional Indemnity Insurance for Lawyers,   Accountants, Company Secretaries, Computer   Consultants, Multimedia, Surveyors, School Leaders,   Property Managers, Third Party Administrators, etc

  Provides protection for Professionals against Negligent   Acts, Error or Omission including Breach of Contract,   Defense Costs, Intellectual Property Right   Infringement including Copyright, Trade Marks and   Breach of Confidential Information, Defamation, Libel   & Slander, Loss of Documents, Compensation For   Appearance, etc.

  Excludes Intentional, Fraudulent, Criminal, Malicious,   Willful and Reckless Acts by the Insured, Mechanical Breakdown,   Patent Infringement and Trade Secrets eyc.

- Directors & Officers Liability for Company Directors and Officers.   Covers the Loss of the Company resulting from any Claim against the   Insured for any Wrongful Act in the Insured's capacity as a director,   officer or employee of the Company.

  Wrongful Act includes actual or alleged Breach of Duty, Breach of   Trust, Negligence, Error, Misstatement, Misleading Statement,   Omission, Breach of Warranty of Authority. Loss shall include   Damages, Judgments, Settlements, Defense Costs but excludes Fines,   Penalties, Punitive and Exemplary Damages and Liability for   employment-related benefits.

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